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My Approach

We make over 300 food-related decisions every day, and every couple of years, a new diet hits the scene, touting itself as the most effective way to reach ultimate health. It's no wonder so many of us are left overwhelmed and confused about our nutrition. 

Even more so, eating is social, emotionally-driven, and our environment strongly influences our behavior. This is why it's important to consider the whole picture, from food to exercise, to stress management and restful sleep.


Jen Silverman educates clients about the power of food, debunks common dieting misconceptions and helps people develop a healthy relationship with food and eating. 

The five pillars we stand by to achieve optimal health and longevity are:

  1. Eat Whole

  2. Drink Plenty

  3. Practice Self-Care

  4. Move More

  5. Sleep Well


If any one of these five components is lacking, our diet suffers and our health is compromised.

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