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Pre + Postnatal Nutrition

Let's face it, making (and growing) a baby is hard work! Our bodies go through an array of changes, and as a result, demand special care and a lot of extra love. Jen works with women at all stages of pregnancy to enhance their nutrition and lifestyle habits, creating an environment conducive to nourishing a tiny human. 

A lot happens throughout the few months leading up to pregnancy, the forty weeks of growth throughout pregnancy and once the little one(s) make his/her first appearance.


As a mother of three, Jen knows firsthand how challenging it can be to see your body morph into something that is often unrecognizable. Jen teaches you which nutrients to incorporate into your diet and which to avoid during your pregnancy so you can feel your best. She also works closely with you to ensure you're taking care of yourself so that you can be the mom you aspire to be without losing your sense of self. #momtribe #superwomen 


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