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Real Food Reset

The Real Food Reset is a 5-day gut-health reset with wholesome foods designed to create new healthy eating habits, reduce sugar cravings, and balance your mood and energy. 


By enjoying whole-food based shakes and integrating balanced meals in the evening, we will naturally strengthen the mind-gut connection.

This is the foundation to get you started on a positive relationship with clean eating and real food.

To get started, contact Jen and mention Real Food Reset. You will then schedule an initial consultation to review health needs, goals and review meal plans.  The final step is to order mēle with your special discount code.

More details on the Program Format below.

Program Format

Women: 2 mēle shakes/day
breakfast + lunch
(add unsweetened almond milk or filtered water)

Men: 3-4 mēle shakes/day
breakfast + lunch + snacks
(add unsweetened almond milk or filtered water)

Dinner recipes and recommendations
will be personalized by Jen.

Recommended length: 5 days

Recommended mēle packs:
10 total (women), 20 total (men)
Recipes will be customized for each individual’s health needs.

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